Born in El Paso Texas, the eldest of 5, Leticia Snoddy was responsible for the care of her siblings while her parents worked hard to provide for their family. It was at this young age Leticia learned the value of determination and hard work, traits she would carry with her for years to come.

At the age of 22, Leticia was working at a manufacturing facility in Indiana, as a single mother raising two children of her own, when she found her true calling “leading and motivating people.” It was her unique understanding of logistics combined with her ability to relate to the labor force that led her into management. When an opportunity presented itself, in operations, with a staffing company, Leticia saw this as a growth opportunity in her career and was determined to learn every facet of the staffing industry. It wasn’t long until an opening in sales proved to be her big break and within a year Leticia became the top salesperson, all her hard work and determination was starting to pay off.

In 2001, Leticia made the decision to branch off and start her own staffing company. She partnered with an investor and started MS-IL. She steadily grew the business over the next 9 years until 2010 when she acquired the business solely. Since 2010, MS-IL has grown from 7 full-time internal employees and 200 contingent employees to over 70 internal full-time staff members and over 1500 contingent employees, working every day. She has opened offices in Illinois, Kentucky and seven offices throughout Indiana.

While MS-IL is one of Indiana’s fastest growing minority and woman owned businesses, it is her family she is most proud of. Her daughter, Leticia Nicole, and son, Wesley, as well as all the hardworking and dedicated family of staff who have been instrumental in building MS-IL into what it is today.

Leticia exemplifies the American dream by proving that with hard work and perseverance you can accomplish anything.


Mission Statement

We differentiate ourselves in this competitive market through our partnership approach, dedication to client satisfaction, commitment to quality and excellence and culture of accountability.

Vision Statement

Our Company’s values unify us and ensure that our decisions are made for the right reasons.  You determine how we arrive at our destination, through continual improvement to quality, working smarter not harder and always focusing on the needs of the customers. With these values we will accomplish our goals.