Immediately Grab a Recruiter’s Attention With These Resume Tips

April 5, 2019

Recruiters and hiring managers spend a matter of seconds on your resume before deciding whether or not to interview you or toss your resume aside. That is not a lot of time to convey why you’re a great hire! But it is enough time to grab their attention and make a great impression. Simple Resume… View Article

When is it Time to Start Hiring?

March 15, 2019

Finding the right talent for your company is not the only aspect of hiring new employees. In fact, one of the trickiest elements to hiring is getting your timing right. Hiring too fast or early means you run the risk of not having the cash flow to accommodate your new addition. However, hiring too slowly… View Article

Learn How to Make a Good First Impression at a Job Interview

March 8, 2019

A great job interview is significant when it comes to receiving a job offer. While qualifications or work history may have gotten you the interview, first impressions and how well you build rapport are key factors for whether or not you receive a job offer. Practice these expert tips before your next interview to make… View Article

These are the Top Leadership Skills You Should Have

February 22, 2019

No matter what business you’re in, it evolves over time. As companies must adapt to the ever-changing demands of their industries, so must leadership. The evolution from the first cell phone to the newest model of your favorite cell phone brand did not happen overnight. Instead, slowly but surely, technology advanced, companies met the changing… View Article

Learn How to Keep Your Employees Focused & Engaged

February 15, 2019

Engaged employees are easily recognized by their positive energy and enthusiasm. These employees seem to benefit everyone who works alongside them. In fact, when employees are engaged and committed to their work, they can help their team succeed with remarkable results. Thankfully, every manager has the chance to help each of their employees become focused… View Article

Important Job Skills That Will Make You More Marketable

February 14, 2019

We live in a world that changes quickly, so employers are looking for workers who are able to adapt to changes and stay current. If you want to be a sharp candidate who stands out to potential employers, it’s important to improve upon your skills or learn something new. To help catch the attention of… View Article

Why Managers Should Have 1-on-1 Meetings With Their Employees

January 24, 2019

As a manager, you probably have several meetings to attend on any given day. While this can get tiresome and make you want to trim down on the volume of your meetings, one that is very important to the success of your team is the one-on-one meeting with each of your employees. One-on-one meetings with… View Article

What You Should Always Bring to a Job Interview

January 11, 2019

Preparing for your interview is just as important as crafting your resume. This meeting will be a deciding factor to whether or not you get the job. Such an important milestone in the job-search process is exactly why you do your best to be well prepared. Most interview preparation revolves around researching the company, practicing… View Article

How to Effectively Set Goals for Your Employees

January 4, 2019

A key responsibility for every manager is setting effective and attainable goals for their employees. This is very important to the success of both the employee, the team, and the company as a whole. When managers set effective goals for their employees, there are a few key benefits: Helps create short-term focus to go in… View Article