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MS-IL Staffing is expanding again!

We are pleased to announce three new locations, Hebron, KY; Plainfield, IN; and Lombard, IL. Job seekers come in and apply. We are looking for you! Please call toll free 1-855-243-5562 and learn more about the jobs we have to offer.

Our Plainfield office is opening soon and will be located at: 2685 E. Main St. Suite 103. Plainfield, IN 46168.

We are also hiring at the Hebron, KY and Lombard, IL locations, call now for more information!

Founded in 2001 with the mission that “We differentiate ourselves in this competitive market through our partnership approach, dedication to client satisfaction, commitment to quality and excellence and culture of accountability”

  1. Friends not Clients – Research by McGraw-Hill into why retailers lost customers showed that 68% went elsewhere because of indifference or the attitude of their salesforce. Only 14% went because they were dissatisfied with the product or service and only 9% went to the competition. Your customers will remain loyal if you pay them attention.
  2. When to communicate. – Those who communicate most do better than those who do it least. Do not worry about talking to customers too often. Worry about being a bore. Talk whenever you have something you think will be of interest.
  3. Network – Find producers in other areas such as insurance and financial services that would make valuable partners, and ask them to send out a letter to any clients they perceive as possibly having a need for the product you sell, mentioning you and your company. Because the referral is coming from a known source, you will see a high level of appointments come from this method.
  4. Relate to the person first. – When you first meet a potential client, make it a goal of talking about anything other than what the appointment is about before starting your presentation. This gives the prospect a chance to personally relate to you first, then as a trusted advisor.
  5. Say “Thank you” – Three must have are Specific, sincere and creative. Rather than just saying “thank you” or using a generic statement like, “thank you for take the time to meet with me,” be specific. In order to offer sincere thanks to clients you need to be a keen observer. Lastly, be creative with a gift.