Immediately Grab a Recruiter’s Attention With These Resume Tips

April 5, 2019

Recruiters and hiring managers spend a matter of seconds on your resume before deciding whether or not to interview you or toss your resume aside. That is not a lot of time to convey why you’re a great hire! But it is enough time to grab their attention and make a great impression.

Simple Resume Tips to Immediately Grab a Recruiter’s Attention & Get a Call

Clear & Concise Formatting

At this time, most resumes are sent to recruiters through an online resource, so it’s important to format your resume for a computer, not necessarily to make a recruiter admire your creativity. A fancy (and valuable) infographic will not be successfully uploaded through the software. One way to be sure your resume gets flagged – in a positive way – through software systems is to include keywords in your resume the job description mentions.

Organized Information

Organize your resume in a clear way and you will stand out from the competition. There are two main ways to organize your resume:

  • Chronological Resume

In this format, you will list your work history in reverse chronological order, emphasizing your work history.

  • Functional Resume

Instead of focusing on work history, this format will focus on experience, skills and achievements that will demonstrate your ability to perform at the job.

Defined Sections

Regardless of what format you choose when organizing your resume, you must clearly define each section so recruiters quickly understand what it is they are considering. As soon as a resume looks too busy or is confusing, it will be tossed aside.

Quantified Results

Instead of plainly stating an achievement, quantify it with clear numbers and stats to support your successes. Be sure your statistics are consistent and truthful. To highlight these significant achievements, use bold font on the numbers only.

Find the Right Job for Your Career

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