New Albany, IN
Salary: $17.50 to $18.50 /hour



Function: Performs tig/mig and arc welding of sheet and structural metals in accordance with American Welding Society standards and specific work instructions regarding product construction.

Essential Responsibilities:

1. Receives work instructions, prints, and routers for the job. Plans details of work to include fixturing/clamping, tools, safety, and material requirements.

2. Fabricates building curb and adapter products according to mechanical drawings, welding prints, and work instructions using appropriate welding equipment and techniques.

3. Cleans and prepares surfaces to be welded. Sets up materials to be welded using appropriate equipment and fixture as required.

4. Keeps equipment and work area clean and orderly.

5. Assembles curb and adapter assemblies according welding and mechanical drawings provided. Must be capable of reading and understanding mechanical drawings and welding symbols.

6. Must be capable of using oxyacetylene cutting torch and plasma cutting equipment.

7. Must be capable of lifting 50 lbs without the use of lifting equipment.

8. Must have a working knowledge of welding equipment and common hand tool use and safety to include measuring equipment.

Additional Responsibilities:

1. May be assigned duties to assist in the maintenance repair of facilities and equipment as well as fabrication of parts and equipment for use by maintenance personnel or contractors.

2. Order welding materials as required to maintain work cell/station.

3. Safekeeping and maintaining welding equipment.

4. Reporting of defective equipment to supervisor.

5. Maintenance and safeguarding of personal protective equipment. Maintain safe work area. Reporting of any unsafe conditions to supervisor.

6. Stopping unsafe acts.

7. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


1. Completion of apprenticeship in AWS, ANSI, or ASME certification program or similar in-company program.

2. Must be capable of using common measuring equipment. Work involves varying degrees of precision and control where damage could be caused by lack of required skills.

3. Work involves considerable stooping, bending, and working overhead. Considerable glare emits from work, requiring the wearing of personal protective equipment. Exposed to moderate burns and exposed to flying objects, such as chip scale.

4. Accident hazard can involve severe cuts and bruises. Job site must be carefully examined prior to and monitored during work to maintain a clean and safe environment to prevent injury to self and others.

Physical Requirements:

1. Ability to lift 50 lbs.

2. Requires bending, stooping and standing.

3. Must be able to stand from six (6) to eight (8) hours pr day. (Overtime may extend time period.)

4. Good visual and spatial perception.