Set Up / Break Down

Plainfield, IN
Salary: $12.00 /year

Job Summary

The purpose of the job is to disassemble and clean transmissions and differentials in an assembly line format following proscribed procedures.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Unload the crates of transmissions and differentials transferring them from the pallet to the workbench for disassembly.
  • Disassemble the unit. Using an air wrench, mallets or other pick tools, remove the bolts and pull apart the units. Scrape caked-on dirt as needed to enable the removal of bolts. Inspect each piece as it is removed and separate into bins of good and worn parts. Confer with the Supervisor on best techniques to remove parts efficiently. The part may require washing or torching to be removed.
  • Once disassembled, main castings, small parts and fasteners are to be moved along the conveyor to a pass through high pressure parts washer to remove oil, grease and dirt.
  • Once cleaned, main castings, small parts and fasteners are moved along the conveyor to appropriate inspection stations.
  • Ability to manage and maintain daily production goals
  • Identify quality concerns and address them with the Team Lead or Facilitator

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of basic shop procedures and ability to properly use shop tools
  • Ability to disassemble and assemble various components
  • Ability to properly use equipment, materials, and supplies.
  • Lifting and carrying parts ranging from one (1) ounce to seventy-five (75) pounds
  • Grasping and moving parts of various sizes
  • Identifying parts, reading instructions, entering data and completing appropriate forms.



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