Environmental Policy

Through this policy, MS-IL is committed to becoming a leader by reducing the impact of its activities on the environment. Through the design, development, and implementation of a greener strategy, MS-IL will reduce its environmental impact.   Learn More>>

Safety Policy

The policy of MS-IL is to create, maintain, and provide a safe work environment where every employee is protected against on-site injuries.   Learn More>>

Ethics Policy

At MS-IL, we maintain high ethical standards while achieving solid business results. We pride ourselves in operating under the guiding principles of honesty, respect, safety, innovation, and service, with an overriding emphasis on integrity. Every day, whether at work or outside the workplace, our actions create an impression with our customers, our colleagues and our communities.   Learn More>>

EEOC Policy

The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy reaffirms the policy and commitment of MS-IL to provide equal employment opportunities for all employees and job applicants. MS-IL endorses and follows the EEO Policy when implementing all employment practices, policies, and procedures.   Learn More>>

Attendance Policy

All employees are expected to be prompt and work diligently throughout the work day. If a person is ill, the employee must call MS-IL’s main line at 1-855-447-3968, leaving a voice mail message informing MS-IL of the absence.   Learn More>>