Naperville, IL
Salary: $15.00 /hour

Job Description

Picker / material handler is responsible for performing functions associated with all inventory distribution and accountability within the distribution center. Main role of this position will be picking and packing material typically on foot.

Duties and Responsibilities:

¨ Checks transportation documentation, and unloads inbound containers/trailers

¨ Performs a detail physical count verifying inbound inventory accuracy against inbound documentation

¨ Processes receipt documentation within SAP

¨ Routes inventory from receiving to storage complete with location documentation.

¨ Performs visual safety and quality control measures including damage avoidance

¨ Warehouses inbound SKU receipts to the correct storage locations.

¨ Performs quantity counts and checks in accordance with material verification procedures

¨ Maintains a clean and safe storage environment resulting in accuracy and damage free storage conditions

¨ Pick orders for customer fulfillment processing

¨ Carries out tasks using documents, radio frequency and/or key board entries

¨ Routes inventory to the appropriate pack, label and ship functions

¨ Receives inventory from storage verifying customer order quantity are correct

¨ Places, picks, consolidates and organizes material in warehouse locations

¨ Performs packaging and label functions while interfacing with the warehouse management system

¨ Loads customer orders on pallets, containers or trailers using material handling equipment. Stand Up / Sit down Fork Trucks

¨ Familiarization with Warehouse management systems (SAP). Position will require constant work within SAP using RF scanner.

¨ Some hand picking of components may be required. This will require being very detail oriented.

¨ Fork lift experience preferred.

¨ Experience handling large, bulky material preferred.

¨ Understanding of Safety and OSHA guidelines promoting a damage and safe free work environment

¨ Familiarity of lean logistics principles in the work place

¨ Courteous interaction with clients and fellow associates

¨ Any other job duties assigned by management.

Work Environment:

· Will work in warehouse with Material handling Equipment (Sit down/Stand up Forklifts, Pallet jack,etc)

Physical Requirements

· General Movements

o Frequent bending, crouching, and twisting

o Continuous reaching overhead

o Must be able to look up, down and around at all times while using various machinery

· Repetitive/Prolonged Movements

o Continuous computer operation (i.e. typing, mouse, reading monitor, etc.) for up to 8 hours for the purpose of inventory, data retrieval and entry, printing orders and documents, and returns.

o Continuous gripping for the purpose of selecting and grabbing product for packing and operating equipment hand controls.

o Occasional fine manipulation for the purpose of performing rework and labeling.

o Continuous standing/walking for the purpose of inventory counting and checking, retrieving, and inspecting.

o Continuous upper body (arms, hands, wrists) for the purpose of inventory counting and checking, and shipping/receiving.

· Working Conditions

o Noise/Vibration: No noise above OSHA hazard levels.

o Gear/Tool: Utility knives, headsets and communicators, hand scanners, hand taping tools, calculators, RF equipment.

o Machinery: Shrink wrappers, scales, conveyors, computers, label maker, clampers, fork truck

· Heavy Object Movements

o Possible lifting and carrying up to a maximum of 50 lb. packed boxes.

Work Styles

· Attention to Detail – Job requires accuracy about detail and thoroughness in completing work tasks.

· Reliability – Job requires being reliable, responsible and dependable with fulfilling obligations.

· Dependability – Owning or having access to dependable transportation to and from the job.

· Cooperation – Job requires being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good natured cooperative attitude.

· Integrity – Job requires being honest and ethical.

· Confidentiality – Job requires following confidentiality requirements and policies set by SCS and client.

· Adaptability/Flexibility – Job requires being open to change (positive or negative) and to considerable variety in the workplace.

· Flexible Hours – Depending on production requirements.

· Environment – Ability to work in a fast-paced, team environment

· Efficiency/Time Management – Job requires individual to be self motivated and manage time appropriately while maintaining a neat and tidy, easy to navigate work space.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $15.00 per hour