What You Shouldn’t Say in a Job Interview

October 12, 2018

There is so much preparation during your job search, especially when you are getting ready for an interview. With so much to prepare, from your outfit to rehearsing answers to possible questions, it’s easy to forget a few rules.

Follow These 3 Rules in Your Next Interview

While you are reviewing your job history and relevant skills, remember to be mindful of things you shouldn’t say in a job interview (and one thing you definitely should say).

  • DON’T ask how much the job pays

If this information isn’t presented in the job description or in the interview, don’t ask your interviewer. Consider the interview a time to learn more about the job, responsibilities and whether or not you would enjoy working at the company. Assuming you are right for the job, there will be plenty of time to discuss money later, when it won’t send the message you are only about money.

  • DON’T say you don’t have any weaknesses

Yes, you do have weaknesses because everybody has some! So during your preparation, brainstorm what professional weaknesses you have so you are ready to discuss them during your interview. One way you can do this is to think of a time at your previous job when you needed to improve, then talk about how you are becoming better in that area. Another option is to discuss how you didn’t have training in a particular skill, but you are learning that skill to become a more well-rounded professional.

  • DO ask at least one question at the end

It’s almost guaranteed you will have an opportunity to ask your interviewer any questions. During your interview, take notes as you might want to ask any follow-up questions to previous topics. You should also come prepared with at least one question. Asking questions demonstrates you are interested in the company, the employees and the open position. A good default question could be asking your interviewer about their experience working at the company or how they got started at the company.

Find Your Next Job Opportunity

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