Learn How to Keep Your Employees Focused & Engaged

February 15, 2019

Engaged employees are easily recognized by their positive energy and enthusiasm. These employees seem to benefit everyone who works alongside them. In fact, when employees are engaged and committed to their work, they can help their team succeed with remarkable results.

Thankfully, every manager has the chance to help each of their employees become focused and engaged, driving their team to success.

As a manager, you play a vital role in helping your employees stay focused and motivated to do their best work. It can seem like a daunting task, but it is important. Here are a few key ideas to engage your workers so they can perform their best.

  • Create a Schedule for Regular Updates

It’s important to stay in the loop with every project happening on your team. As the boss, you should create a schedule and method to receive regular updates from each worker. Each company and team is unique, so do what makes sense for you. You may ask for weekly email updates on projects, then a phone call or in-person meeting on a monthly basis for a more in-depth discussion.

  • Provide Your Employees With the Right Tools for Success

If you expect your team to stay engaged and motivated, you should do your best to give them the tools they need to achieve their goals. This could include training, access to information or even support from co-workers or supervisors. Get in touch with your employees to discuss any roadblocks and together, you can come up with ways to overcome these obstacles, so everyone can progress toward success.

  • Implement Incentive Programs

An easy way to motivate and engage your workers is to offer rewards or recognition for work done well. This is separate from wages and salary or your standard benefits package. From awards to gift cards to special PTO, the options for incentive programs are many. You can implement the kind of incentives that will motivate your employees and still make sense for your company. If you’re not sure what your employees would like as their rewards, just ask!

Don’t forget to regularly provide positive feedback to your employees. Instead of waiting for annual reviews or even monthly meetings, send a quick note of appreciation. This simple communication will make your workers feel valued and will keep them motivated.

  • Utilize Short- and Long-Term Goals to Create Purpose

Every worker wants to feel a part of something bigger than their daily to-do list. By discussing the long-term goals of the company or its vision with your team, you will keep them engaged and united toward that common, big-picture goal. This can be extremely motivating.

You will also want to set attainable short-term goals with each employee to help them stay focused. Not only will this clarify performance expectations, but as they work toward, and achieve, their short-term goals, they will be energized, ready to move on and tackle another short-term goal.

Be a Supportive Boss to Lead Your Team to Success

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