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For Jobseekers

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

1. Where can I apply?


MS-IL web search job board

Search open job opportunities with Indeed

Apply & register:

Click Apply Today to access web application and registration. All employees must complete this step.

In branch:

Stop by your local branch by 9:30am for application help. Walk-ins welcome!

Click here to find your local MS-IL branch.

Call Center:

Call 1-855-243-5562, or 317-329-6800, to apply via phone.

You will complete onboarding at your local branch.

2. What are your current open positions?

Visit us on Indeed, our website, or call the Call Center for a list of open positions.
Follow us on Indeed & Facebook for up-to-date job alerts and info.

Call Center:




3. Where are you located?

We have 7 local branches across the U.S. Visit the locations page to find your branch.


4. What are your business hours?

Branch operating hours:

8am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday.

Call Center:

8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday – Friday.

Processing new applicants 8:30am – 4pm.
Come by early for help with your application or onboarding.


5. What is your phone number?

Toll free: 1-855-243-5562

Call Center: 317-329-6800

Branches: Visit our website for a full list of locations & contact information.


6. Do you E-verify?

MS-IL Staffing & Packaging is an E-Verify employer.


7. Do you require background check?

Based on the job & position. Most of our clients request a 3-7-year check.

We do not hire sex offenders.


8. Do you require a drug test?

A mouth swab or urine screen may be required based on the job & position.

MS-IL reps will inform you in recruiting call.


9. How do I get paid?

Pay card:

All employees will receive a Rapid Pay Card for electronic deposits.

Direct deposit:

Provide MS-IL with a direct deposit form from your bank or banking mobile app, or a voided check.

Our payroll processing does not allow us to issue paper checks.


10. What if I have questions about my paycheck?

TempWorks [Buzz] app:

We can help you download the TempWorks Buzz app for iOS or Android in branch. App features include:

  • Paycheck details
  • Work assignment info, including address, hours, & dress code
  • Work availability sharing
  • Job push notifications
  • Open positions search
  • MS-IL branch list

To create your online profile:

  • download the TempWorks app for iOS or Android
  • get an activation code from an MS-IL team member
    **code valid for 30 minutes
  • key in your code
  • create a PIN to access your profile

Ask MS-IL staff to walk you through the features.

Account managers:

  • Send a text to your account manager using the online chat
  • Call 1-855-243-5562, or 317-329-6800 to reach your account manager


11. What is the hiring process?

Hiring includes three parts: Application, onboarding, and employment.

1. Application

Steps candidates must complete, such as:

  • job application
  • job preferences & availability
  • interview

2. Onboarding

MS-IL staff will help you complete onboarding, including:

3. Employment!

Once eligible & placed in assignment, you are an MS-IL employee. If things change, let us know! We can help you find opportunities that best fit your needs.


12. How long does it take to get hired?


Placement can average 30-90 minutes, depending on time of day, the job, and your preparedness.


To complete onboarding, bring the following:


13. How should I prepare for an interview?

Dress to make a good first impression. Practice good hygiene and try to dress business casual.

Avoid wearing:

  • clothing with holes, stains, or snags
  • uncomfortable clothing, or clothes that need to be readjusted as you move
  • clothing that doesn’t fit

What’s business casual? Click here to watch a short video clip from Indeed.


14. What benefits does MS-IL offer?

MS-IL offers state-minimum medical coverage through Essential Staff Care.

Coverage costs will be deducted from your weekly paycheck.

Ask about enrollment in onboarding. Current employee seeking more information can call 1-855-243-5562.