Environmental Policy

Through this policy, MS-IL is committed to becoming a leader by reducing the impact of its activities on the environment. Through the designdevelopment, and implementation of a greener strategy, MS-IL will reduce its environmental impact.In order to achieve this goal of a greener operations, MS-IL will:

  • Reduce waste by evaluating operations and ensuring all operations are as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.
  • Minimize toxic emissions through the selective use of company vehicles.
  • Encourage recycling both internally and externally with both customers and suppliers.
  • Provide and promote a greener product range to reduce the environmental impact of production and distribution.
  • Comply or exceed all environmental legislation.
  • Utilize an accredited program to offset greenhouse gas emissions generated by MS-IL company activities.
  • Implement a staff training program to raise awareness of environmental issues and enlist their support in improving the green performance of MS-IL.

MS-IL will also encourage its suppliers in the adoption of similar policies.

Safety Policy

The policy of MS-IL is to createmaintain, and provide a safe work environment where every employee is protected against on-site injuries.

It is the management’s responsibility to diligently protect each employee’s safety. In response to this important compliance issue, MS-IL is implementing the following safety policy for the protection of all employees.

All MS-IL employees are encouraged to report unsafe conditions immediately to their supervisor. Once the supervisor is aware of unsafe working conditions, they are expected to take immediate and appropriate action to address and resolve the safety issue.The Goals of the MS-IL Safety Policy

  • To establish the expectation that it is the responsibility of all personnel to create and maintain a safe working environment.
  • To address our obligations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act to maintain a safe workplace.
  • To provide safety training to all employees annually. All MS-IL employees will be required to participate in this training. A record of the training will be maintained by the company and made available to safety officials.
  • To maintain our workers’ compensation insurance policies. MS-IL will report on the job work-related injury or illness to Worker’s Comp to insure that the injured employee is fully protected by this insurance program.

The Requirements of the MS-IL Safety Policy

  • Injured employees must report any incidents resulting in work-related injury or illness immediately to their superior. Failure to report an on-site injury may result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge.
  • Employees are required to use universal precautions when applying first-aid or providing personal care to employees, or each other, including body-fluid exposure, as regulated by OSHA.

The Commitment to a Safe Work Environment

  • Through this policy, MS-IL intends to provide a safe, accident free work environment for all employees and visitors to our facilities.
  • In support of this policy, each MS-IL employee will undergo safety training to become familiarized with the MS-IL safety program.

At MS-IL, we recognize that a well-managed workplace safety program benefits both MS-IL and our employees in countless ways. In keeping with our desire to create and maintain a safe workplace, MS-IL has developed this policy which is supported by a workplace safety program. Additionally, management will be responsible for developing and organizing changes to the MS-IL safety training program.

Ethics Policy

At MS-IL, we maintain high ethical standards while achieving solid business results. We pride ourselves in operating under the guiding principles of honesty, respect, safety, innovation, and service, with an overriding emphasis on integrity. Every day, whether at work or outside the workplace, our actions create an impression with our customers, our colleagues and our communities.The commitment to abide by these principles is non-negotiable and in the best interests of MS-IL, our employees, candidates, clients, and the communities we serve.

  • All confidential records will be handled with professionalism while being respected in accordance with the law and good business practices.
  • All employees, candidates, clients, and competition will be treated with the utmost respect meaning without prejudice. Orders will not be accepted from clients that are discriminatory in any manner.
  • Candidates and employees will never be restricted to accept employment opportunities of their choice.
  • All candidate information given to clients will be accurate information regarding qualifications and experience. Applications presented to clients will be previously authorized by the candidates. In addition, we will supply candidates and employees with complete and accurate information provided by the client in regards to workplace expectations and duties.
  • Wages will be fairly obtained from clients without direct or indirect charges to candidates or employees unless licensed to do so.
  • Unfair competition will never be acceptable from candidates, employees, or clients. Instead, we will respect and acknowledge their human rights and privileges.
  • If a candidate whom we previously placed with a client is asked to leave, we will not recruit them nor will we encourage individuals to leave a temporary assignment before completion.
  • In advertising and other communication channels, we will maintain high standards of integrity. We are committed to serving as ambassadors of our company, as well as the recruitment and staffing industry as a whole.

EEOC Policy

The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy reaffirms the policy and commitment of MS-IL to provide equal employment opportunities for all employees and job applicants. MS-IL endorses and follows the EEO Policy when implementing all employment practices, policies, and procedures.

MS-IL, recruits, hires, trains, and promotes individuals in all job titles without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age (except where sex or age is a bona-fide occupational qualification as defined by law), or physical or mental disability (except where the disability prevents the individual from being able to perform the essential functions of the job and cannot be reasonably accommodated in full compliance of the law), gender identity, sexual orientation, or United States military service or veteran status. MS-IL makes employment decisions so as to further the principle of equal employment opportunity. The Company ensures that promotion decisions are in accord with principles of equal employment opportunities by imposing only valid and nondiscriminatory requirements for promotional opportunities. MS-IL also ensures that all personnel decisions and actions including but not limited to compensation, benefits, transfers, promotions, layoffs, returns from layoffs, terminations, Company sponsored training, education, and social and recreation programs will be administered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, or United States military service or veteran status.

MS-IL provides reasonable accommodations that allow otherwise qualified applicants or employees with disabilities to perform the essential functions of a position. Reasonable accommodations may be made unless such accommodations have the end result of placing an undue burden on the operations of MS-IL. Employees needing accommodations should contact the Human Resources Department.All employees are expected to comply with the Equal Employment Policy. Managers and supervisors who are responsible for meeting business objectives are expected to cooperate fully in meeting our equal employment opportunity objectives and their overall performance will be evaluated accordingly.

Attendance Policy

All employees are expected to be prompt and work diligently throughout the work day. If a person is ill, the employee must call MS-IL’s main line at 1-855-447-3968, leaving a voice mail message informing MS-IL of the absence. Additionally, you will need to follow the customer’s call in procedure. This must be done at least two (2) hours prior to the scheduled work reporting time. The voice mail message should include the reason for the absence, when the employee expects to return to work and how he/she can be reached by phone in the event of any questions. Any employee who is absent from work for more than one (1) work day without notification or authorization is deemed to have vacated his/her position, and will be grounds for immediate termination.Employees are also expected to remain at work for their entire work schedule, except for break periods. Late arrival, early departure or other absences from scheduled work hours are disruptive and must be avoided. If it is necessary for an employee to leave the building for personal reasons, he/she must clock out. If the employee walks off the job, he/she will not be offered work again. Documentation of the reason for any absences or tardiness may be required. Employees also must inform their supervisor and MS-IL in writing of the expected duration of any absence. In the event that an employee needs off from work due to a medical emergency, the employee will be required to provide a return-to-work statement. Absenteeism excused or not, may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination.