3 Important Forklift Safety Tips

June 28, 2019

It’s extremely important to have a safe workplace and if your company uses forklifts, this is a major area of safety concern. While forklift safety is a top priority, following a few simple tips is all it takes to keep your company running smoothly and successfully.

Make sure you ensure the safety of your forklift operators and your surrounding employees by following these key tips.

Forklift Operators Must be Fully Qualified

This means the person operating the forklift must be fully trained and they possess a valid license to operate the machine.

Proper Clothing is Required for Workers

Usually, the proper uniform for a forklift operator includes a hard hat, safety shoes, and a high-visibility jacket. Clothing must not be too loose as this can get caught on machinery and cause an accident.

Equipment Must be Inspected Before Use

Every qualified forklift operator should be proficient in checking the machine before use. They should look for faults in the brakes, steering, controls, warnings devices, mast, and tires. Your forklift operator needs to understand the best ways to pick up and put down each load as proper positioning may be different from start to finish.

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