3 Reasons it’s Important to Have an Open-Door Policy

June 21, 2019

There’s plenty of management advice out there and as a manager, you’ve probably heard it all. One of the most common terms you’ve heard is that you should have an open-door policy. While that sounds fine, it’s important to know the reasoning behind it.

  • Open Flow of Communication

When managers welcome the open-door policy, they create a flow of communication that includes informal conversation. Often times, it’s the informal communication that leads to important insights and action plans. Shutting the door, both literally and figuratively, can mean that as a manager, you aren’t kept in the loop of discussions and updates.

  • Fast Access to Information

The open-door policy encourages employees to give updates, share ideas, and ask questions that can spark creative success when you least expect it. Quick information is key for all companies to stay current and competitive in the fast-paced market, so keeping the open-door policy will help your company reap the benefits quick information and collaboration.

  • Creates Closer Working Relationships

As you can see, the open-door policy creates an approachable, friendly culture that helps build trust, collaboration, and ultimately it helps create closer working relationships within the workplace. These benefits of the open-door policy can lead to overall greater team and company success.

It’s important to understand that while there are certain times when a manager needs to close their doors (employee evaluation, confidential discussions, etc.) the more a manager can leave the door open both literally and in figurative approaches as well, it can help each employee be more successful and bring many benefits to the team as well.

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