4 Tips to Create a More Productive Work Environment

June 14, 2019

While it’s important to focus on keeping your employees happy and engaged, it’s also necessary to create a work environment that encourages productivity.

4 Ways to Create a Productive Work Environment

1. Establish Values

Core company values keep the organization productive on all levels. They help define who you hire, what work or clients you serve, and all expectations going forward. These values should be established clearly and communicated effectively to each employee to help drive cohesion and productivity.

2. Communicate Clear Goals & Instructions

To begin, a clear, well-written job description helps set roles, responsibilities and performance expectations for both workers and managers alike. Moving forward, projects need to be clear and employees must have the opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification so they can perform well the first time and avoid any delays from having to do the work over.

3. Keep Deadlines Realistic

Before you give your employees any deadlines, be sure they are realistic. Consider these questions to help you determine a deadline.

  • What metrics or milestones will be used to measure progress?
  • What steps must be taken to meet the goal?
  • What other projects is that worker responsible for and do they have the capacity to meet the deadline?

Deadlines can be challenging, but they must be achievable. If they are too difficult to meet, it can cause workers to become frustrated, overworked, and may even cause them to fully disengage from the company altogether.

4. Balance Accountability & Authority

As a manager, you must find a balance of accountability and authority. Accountability means that you must set clear expectations and consequences. Authority means you must provide the resources for your team’s success and the freedom to allow them to make their own decisions and demonstrate their expertise.

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