5 Ideas to Increase Sales

March 4, 2015
  1. Friends not Clients – Research by McGraw-Hill into why retailers lost customers showed that 68% went elsewhere because of indifference or the attitude of their salesforce. Only 14% went because they were dissatisfied with the product or service and only 9% went to the competition. Your customers will remain loyal if you pay them attention.
  2. When to communicate. – Those who communicate most do better than those who do it least. Do not worry about talking to customers too often. Worry about being a bore. Talk whenever you have something you think will be of interest.
  3. Network – Find producers in other areas such as insurance and financial services that would make valuable partners, and ask them to send out a letter to any clients they perceive as possibly having a need for the product you sell, mentioning you and your company. Because the referral is coming from a known source, you will see a high level of appointments come from this method.
  4. Relate to the person first. – When you first meet a potential client, make it a goal of talking about anything other than what the appointment is about before starting your presentation. This gives the prospect a chance to personally relate to you first, then as a trusted advisor.
  5. Say “Thank you” – Three must have are Specific, sincere and creative. Rather than just saying “thank you” or using a generic statement like, “thank you for take the time to meet with me,” be specific. In order to offer sincere thanks to clients you need to be a keen observer. Lastly, be creative with a gift.


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