8 Safety Tips in the Workplace

November 1, 2021

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Though the following tips are not the only ones out there, they illustrate key fundamental ideals to contribute to less risk on-site:

1. Always Report Unsafe Conditions

At times, workers can feel hesitant to share specific unsafe conditions and hazards to their superiors, in the fear of getting themself or someone else in trouble. This is not conducive to a safe work environment as it may increase the potential for an accident or injury to occur on-site. All members of the workforce must report unsafe conditions immediately to help protect their co-workers and themselves. To learn more, read our blog on the 5 Steps to Identify and Assess Workplace Hazards.  

2. Keep a clean workstation

Employees should avoid any unnecessary items near or on their workstations. They must also always remember to clean their workstations from any spillages and thoroughly sanitize the area if shared with other co-workers. In fact, slips, trips, and falls result in multiple workplace injuries every year, so remind employees to take this OSHA compliance safety tip seriously.  

3. Wear protective equipment

Though this tip may seem obvious, it’s important to remind workers to always wear the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Oftentimes, workers may forget or choose not to wear a specific piece of equipment such as protective goggles or a hard hat, as they feel it may be unnecessary or that they can finish the task quickly without it.

4. Take breaks

Taking breaks is important to help workers rest and recharge before completing certain tasks. Tired team members may pose a risk as they are not able to fully focus on the task at hand, which could cause an incident or accident, potentially harming themselves or others.  

5. Don’t skip steps

At times, workers may be in a rush to complete a task so they might skip steps to finish faster. They may also not use certain equipment or tools in the proper way to quickly get the job done. This must be avoided at all costs. Remind team members that procedures and workflows are carefully put in place to avoid any chance of risk, so the safest option is to follow them.  

6. Stay up to date with new procedures or protocols 

New procedures, protocols, or even equipment can be introduced to the workplace, so ensure workers are always aware and up to date with these new elements. Proper training and education must be provided to help workers understand what needs to be done to avoid a potential incident. Foster a culture of support and encourage workers to ask questions and speak to their supervisor if they need more help.  

7. Maintain proper posture 

It’s important to carry out job tasks with proper posture. From lifting heavy objects to even sitting at a computer, this safety tip is easy to forget when you are caught up in a task. Employees must keep proper posture in mind because it can help them avoid aches, pains, and potential long-term harm to their neck, back, or shoulders.  

8. Offer guidance to new employees

Seasoned and experienced team members should always offer guidance to newer employees. Educating them on the organization’s safety culture and the standards it upholds is essential to keep a strong foundation of safety. If all team members are fully invested in the value that safety offers to not only the organization, but themselves, they can work together to create a safe work environment and a stronger safety culture.  

From reporting unsafe conditions to taking breaks, remind workers to always keep these work safety tips in mind to help ensure everyone gets home safely at the end of the day. It’s little steps like these that the workforce can carry out daily to help fortify the value of safety and the benefits it can offer.  

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