March 25, 2015

At work, we may be exposed to hazards that cause illnesses and we may carry out activities that result in serious injuries. Each type of work may expose us to different hazards. 

We need to ask ourselves:


  • How does the work I do affect my health?
  • What should I do to protect my health?


In effort to reduce the exposure to hazards a control of hazards was created. Please see the below information provided that is used to control hazards, which is an effective way to reduce work place related injuries.



Solutions to Control Hazards


Type of Control Workplace Examples
Engineering Control

Implement physical change to the workplace, which eliminates and reduces the hazard on the job/task.

· Position a work table to eliminate a long/excessive reach and enable working in neutral postures.

· Install diverters on conveyors to direct material towards the works to eliminate excessive leaning or reaching.

Administrative & Work Practice Control

Establish efficient processes and procedures.

· Staff “floaters” to provide periodic break between scheduled breaks.

· Establish a job rotation system where employees rotate job duties and are able to use different muscle groups.

Personal Protective Equipment

Use protection to reduce exposure to ergonomics-related risk factors.

 · Wear thermal gloves to help with cold conditions while maintaining the ability to grasp items easily.