Are You Ready to Interview Your Interviewer?

November 23, 2018

The job interview can be a stressful, yet exciting event in any professional’s career. And even though the majority of the time will be spent with the you answering questions and talking about why you are qualified for the job, it’s also an important time to show your interviewer how interested you are in the job and company with asking the proper questions.

Do Your Homework

There is no list of absolute questions you must ask your interviewer. These questions should be unique for a few reasons: the company, the position, your genuine interest.

Knowing this, take time to research the company on their website, social media profiles and news articles to learn as much as you can about the company. During your research, you may have a few points you find intriguing and want to know more about. Make a note to ask these questions during your job interview. Showing a genuine interest in the company is a great way to set yourself apart from other candidates.

Imagine Yourself in That Position

Another technique to come up with questions is to imagine that you’re already working in job. What kind of questions might you have?

  • Can you describe a typical workweek for this position?
  • What are some challenges this position entails?
  • How do you measure success or performance for this position?
  • What type of growth opportunities are there for this position in your company?

These questions are just a few that will not only give you valuable information about the job, they also demonstrate to your interviewer you are very interested in this opportunity.

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