Steps for Improving Your Company’s Brand to Attract Talent

May 24, 2019

When some people hear the phrase “company branding,” they only think of colors and logos. While these are parts of the branding effort, it’s much more integrated and layered than that – especially when it comes to attracting the right employees for your company

What Does Branding Mean to You?

As managers or professionals in charge of talent acquisition, you must consider how your company’s brand and message might affect job recruitment. You have to ask yourself (and maybe colleagues in a brainstorming effort) these questions:

  • What messages are being sent out to your hiring audience?
    • Is your company sending out messages that attract the right level of talent? For example, you do not want to pose as a hip or cool place for millennials if you are looking for a C-level candidate.
  • What quality are your job postings, recruitment materials or general marketing materials?
    • Are your job postings easy to read and understand or are they too lengthy?
    • Is the application process straightforward?
    • Are your marketing materials (or any other form of presence) done professionally? Or do they look like an intern took an inexperienced try at Photoshop?
  • What does your social media presence say about your company?
    • Social media should look different depending on the brand of each company. Make sure your company’s personality and branding message is conveyed across all marketing platforms, including social media.

Understand Your Company’s Brand as a Job Seeker

As part of your company brand audit or reflection, consider how job seekers view your company. In particular, focus on what a job candidate would experience when applying to a job at the company. Consider these questions:

  • What is the experience like for job seekers?
  • Do you post clear job descriptions? If a job posting is confusing, too long or too short, a potential great fit for your company may not even apply. Be sure to communicate or demonstrate relevant company brand attributes in the job description.
  • Are you or your team prompt with responses? Communication during the hiring process is a crucial way for a job seeker to develop a relationship with your company. While they might be in need of a job, they may think twice about a company that doesn’t communicate in a timely manner. This could unfortunately make them believe the whole company operates at a slow, unproductive or unprofessional pace.
  • How does your company culture affect your true brand? During the interview process, job seekers will get a preview of your company’s culture, which should be a delineation of your company’s branding efforts. To better understand if this is true for your company, you want to know:
  • What do your current employees think about your company?
  • What are they sharing with the public?

After you take the time to review these branding ideas, you will have a better understanding of how your company’s brand is truly affecting your recruitment and even employee retention efforts.

Reach Top Local Talent With a Company Branding Review

If you would like any help revamping your company brand so you can attract job seekers, contact MS-IL Staffing & Packaging.

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