The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

October 18, 2019

MS-IL Staffing & Packaging is proud to be a woman-owned and minority-owned staffing agency. When Leticia Snoddy started MS-IL Staffing in 2001, she was a single mother running MS-IL Staffing out of her basement.

Overtime, MS-IL grew to be a thriving staffing agency with ten locations across Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky helping thousands of people find job placement. Even with the growth of the company, MS-IL continues to be family-oriented and emphasizes the values of diversity in the workplace. 

Benefits of being a diverse company:

More talent

Being a minority-owned and woman-owned staffing agency, MS-IL understands the value of diversity firsthand. We understand that bringing individuals from diverse backgrounds together, brings different talents, skills, and experiences to the table that ultimately benefit the company. Employees can work together and learn from each other. If every employee was of the same background; those perspectives, experiences, and understandings might be lost. This could cause your company to miss out on some really good insight.

Reach a broader audience

Being a diverse company has opened up a lot of doors for MS-IL. For example, language barriers and cultural differences can usually be an obstacle for companies. At MS-IL, our employees can speak different languages. This makes it possible for our company to interact with a broader audience and it helps us better relate to the communities we serve. 

Improves employees experience

As a result of MS-IL being diverse, our employees feel accepted. This helps with employee retention and ensures that our employees are comfortable, happy, and productive. If you embrace diversity, your company will be more attractive and progressive. This will appeal to individuals from all walks of life. 

Overall, having diversity in the workplace is important for any company that wishes to excel. Disregarding diversity in the workplace could be detrimental to your companies growth. MS-IL is proud to be diverse. We will continue to grow and help improve the lives of people of all backgrounds.