Tips for Keeping Your Warehouse Employees Safe

April 26, 2019

A warehouse is a busy place and there are many ways for a minute of negligence to turn into a serious accident. These accidents could cause a loss of productivity, workers’ comp clain or worse, the loss of a life.

As a manager, you can take a few simple steps to keep your employees safe.

3 Ways to Keep Warehouse Employees Safe on the Job

  • Increase Awareness Trainings

An effective way to keep your employees safe is to train them on how to increase their awareness so they can stay safe and avoid common injuries. Slips and falls can usually be avoided with awareness trainings that teach your workers about potential hazards.

  • Keep it Clean

Dust, mud, grime, debris or spills can cause slippery surfaces which can lead to accidents and injuries. Be sure to provide several trash cans, push brooms and other appropriate cleaning supplies throughout the warehouse, so you can make the task of cleaning easier and more efficient no matter what time of day.

You should also have a cleaning schedule in place that must be followed. Not only will this help your machines last longer, keeping productivity strong, it will also help keep your workers safe.

  • Post Warehouse Safety Procedures in Visible Areas

There are many different safety procedures that your workers must follow in the warehouse. While each of these procedures is important to the safety of your employees, they are also standards your company must adhere to in order to remain compliant with OSHA. To help your workers follow these safety standards on a regular basis, remind them of their importance and proper procedures by posting them in visible areas of the warehouse. Post some procedures in relevant work areas, and consider utilizing common areas like the kitchen or break room where your workers may do some extra reading during their breaks.

Keep Your Employees Motivated & Safe at Work

Learn more ways to keep your workers safe and motivated in the warehouse by contacting MS-IL Staffing & Packaging.

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