When is it Time to Start Hiring?

March 15, 2019

Finding the right talent for your company is not the only aspect of hiring new employees. In fact, one of the trickiest elements to hiring is getting your timing right.

Hiring too fast or early means you run the risk of not having the cash flow to accommodate your new addition. However, hiring too slowly can mean that work may pile up or the quality of work decreases.

So, how can you be sure it’s time to start hiring?

Figure out if you should start hiring more employees by considering these four points.

  • Customer Service is Slipping

Evidence of this can be missing deadlines, emails or phone calls slipping through the cracks, unfulfilled or delayed orders, or your current employees being stretched to their max.

Finding new employees to bring on can help save your company’s reputation, increase productivity and quality, and help you retain your customers, or even add new ones.

  • Your Current Employees are Overwhelmed

Signs of overwhelmed employees may be an increase of sick days, or even a decrease in motivation or morale.

If your current employees are overwhelmed, you may even run into a problem with them looking for another job because they are tired, overworked and frustrated. If you think your employees are overwhelmed, and you are ready to start hiring, communicate to them there will be relief soon with new hires.

  • High-Value Employees are Doing Low-Value Work

Upper-level or higher-salaried employees are in their positions for a reason. If they are spending a good amount of their day doing the work of junior-level employees, the entire company is missing out on their talent and it’s a clear sign you need to hire more workers.

  • You Have to Turn Down (Good) New Business Opportunity

If new business, whether a large contract, or several small opportunities, come to your desk but you have to turn them down because you don’t have the work capacity, then you need to hire more workers to meet the demands.

Find Qualified Candidates for Your Company

If you realize it’s time to start hiring and want to find qualified candidates fast, contact MS-IL Staffing & Packaging.

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