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Red Flags to Look for When Interviewing Candidates

As a hiring manager, you have a lot of responsibility. One of your biggest responsibilities is making sure you hire valuable and competent workers for your company. A bad hire is expensive, but a star talent can help your company reach their goals faster. While resumes provide the basic information for each candidate, you’ll need… View Article

Safety: There’s an App For That

Today there is an app for everything, including mental and emotional health. Embrace technology and use these tracking and coping apps to reduce stress and improve your safety and well-being. Stigma Journaling made easy. This app organizes entries into word-clouds to make self-reflection simple. It takes 15 seconds to add a journal entry (limited to… View Article

Employment in Staffing Agencies Up in July

From American Staffing: Staffing Firms Add 17,000 Jobs in July Temporary help employment increased 0.6% from June to July, according to seasonally adjusted data released today by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Staffing employment was 1.9% higher than in July 2015. Over the past 12 months, BLS reported, year-to-year staffing job growth averaged 2.4%…. View Article

MS-IL Staffing Honored as One of the 2015 Indiana Companies to Watch

Indianapolis, Ind. (August 17, 2015)– MS-IL Staffing has been recognized as one of the 2015 Indiana Companies to Watch, an awards program presented by the State of Indiana and the Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (OSBE) and endorsed by the Edward Lowe Foundation   Twenty companies from Indiana will be honored as outstanding second-stage… View Article

New Hebron, KY Office!

We have started our construction build out on our new office location in Hebron, Kentucky.  Our new address is 2091 North Bend Rd., Ste 130, Hebron, KY 41048.  We will be operating out of this office during the build out, so please come by and see us for job opportunities.  We are hiring for all… View Article

Success in the Staffing Industry & Pitfalls to Avoid

Staffing services are popping up everywhere all across the country, but not all of them can be successful and a going concern. We will explore some of the pivotal elements indicated by that can help shape and create a successful staffing business and also ensures it continues to thrive. We will touch on some… View Article

We’re on the news!

Last week Ericka Flye of RTV6 (The Indy Channel) stopped by to interview MS-IL Staffing & Packaging owner, Leticia Snoddy. For more information, click here: [video_embed][/video_embed]

Service Minded

Being service minded in society seems to have a negative connotation. In reality, it should be perceived as one of the best qualities to have. To be successful in any career, especially human resources, we need to be willing to go the extra mile, and be there to serve our, coworkers, customers, management team and… View Article


MS-IL Staffing is expanding again! We are pleased to announce three new locations, Hebron, KY; Plainfield, IN; and Lombard, IL. Job seekers come in and apply. We are looking for you! Please call toll free 1-855-243-5562 and learn more about the jobs we have to offer. Our Plainfield office is opening soon and will be… View Article


As Indiana continues to be in the spotlight about DISCRIMINATION,  I am sadden that we still live in a world or I may say country that still allows such behavior.  As I am face with the question of “Will I be discriminated”, this question in my opinion will be a reality to me and many… View Article


At work, we may be exposed to hazards that cause illnesses and we may carry out activities that result in serious injuries. Each type of work may expose us to different hazards.  We need to ask ourselves:   How does the work I do affect my health? What should I do to protect my health?… View Article

5 Ideas to Increase Sales

Friends not Clients – Research by McGraw-Hill into why retailers lost customers showed that 68% went elsewhere because of indifference or the attitude of their salesforce. Only 14% went because they were dissatisfied with the product or service and only 9% went to the competition. Your customers will remain loyal if you pay them attention. When… View Article

How to be a Leader

Be a leader and not just a boss.  We hear all the cliché’s about not just being a boss but be a leader to your team, but how many of your “leaders” really listen?  All boss’s, I believe have the desire to be a great leaders, but what are some simple ways to gain the… View Article

An Analysis of the Staffing Industry

Understanding the US Staffing Industry & Revenue Many of us have either used or will use the services of a staffing agency during our lifetime to either search for a suitable career, part-time position or to be placed at a temporary job. However we often overlook the business, economic and social impact this one hundred… View Article

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