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Thsi article is from Orega. View their article at the bottom. We’ve all had that sinking feeling on a Sunday night, when you remember it’s Monday tomorrow and the weekend is over. It can be tricky trying to launch ourselves back into work-mode, but with the right motivation and mentality, you can get your week… View Article

Things for You To Do While on Your Lunch Break

This article is from Indeed. View their article at the bottom. Your lunch break can be an essential part of your workday, where you can take a few moments to relax and handle other items outside of work. Whether you work from home or in an office, consider moving away from your desk and engaging… View Article

How To Calm Your Work Anxiety

This article is from Robert Half. View their article at the bottom. For many workers, the “Sunday Scaries” can cause fear, dread and angst. We’re talking about that feeling of work anxiety about the week ahead and a kind of mourning for the weekend that is nearly over. Psychologists call it a situational depression, a… View Article

What Makes a Good Manager

This article is from Proof Hub. To view their article click the link at the bottom. Most employees would do anything to earn the opportunity to become a manager. But why? What makes them yearn to earn this tag? Is it just the respect that comes with the title? Or is it the added responsibility… View Article

8 Safety Tips in the Workplace

This article is from ecompliance. View their article at the bottom Though the following tips are not the only ones out there, they illustrate key fundamental ideals to contribute to less risk on-site: 1. Always Report Unsafe Conditions At times, workers can feel hesitant to share specific unsafe conditions and hazards to their superiors, in the fear of getting themself… View Article

3 Important Forklift Safety Tips

It’s extremely important to have a safe workplace and if your company uses forklifts, this is a major area of safety concern. While forklift safety is a top priority, following a few simple tips is all it takes to keep your company running smoothly and successfully. Make sure you ensure the safety of your forklift… View Article

3 Reasons it’s Important to Have an Open-Door Policy

There’s plenty of management advice out there and as a manager, you’ve probably heard it all. One of the most common terms you’ve heard is that you should have an open-door policy. While that sounds fine, it’s important to know the reasoning behind it. Open Flow of Communication When managers welcome the open-door policy, they… View Article

4 Tips to Create a More Productive Work Environment

While it’s important to focus on keeping your employees happy and engaged, it’s also necessary to create a work environment that encourages productivity. 4 Ways to Create a Productive Work Environment 1. Establish Values Core company values keep the organization productive on all levels. They help define who you hire, what work or clients you… View Article

6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive

Every successful business has a team of workers who feel valued, are happy and stay productive. While this may seem like an unreachable dream for any manager, there are several simple tips to make sure your employees are taken care of, feel appreciated, and stay positive and productive day after day. Recognize Progress Be sure… View Article

Steps for Improving Your Company’s Brand to Attract Talent

When some people hear the phrase “company branding,” they only think of colors and logos. While these are parts of the branding effort, it’s much more integrated and layered than that – especially when it comes to attracting the right employees for your company What Does Branding Mean to You? As managers or professionals in… View Article

Tips for Keeping Your Warehouse Employees Safe

A warehouse is a busy place and there are many ways for a minute of negligence to turn into a serious accident. These accidents could cause a loss of productivity, workers’ comp clain or worse, the loss of a life. As a manager, you can take a few simple steps to keep your employees safe…. View Article

When is it Time to Start Hiring?

Finding the right talent for your company is not the only aspect of hiring new employees. In fact, one of the trickiest elements to hiring is getting your timing right. Hiring too fast or early means you run the risk of not having the cash flow to accommodate your new addition. However, hiring too slowly… View Article

These are the Top Leadership Skills You Should Have

No matter what business you’re in, it evolves over time. As companies must adapt to the ever-changing demands of their industries, so must leadership. The evolution from the first cell phone to the newest model of your favorite cell phone brand did not happen overnight. Instead, slowly but surely, technology advanced, companies met the changing… View Article

Why Managers Should Have 1-on-1 Meetings With Their Employees

As a manager, you probably have several meetings to attend on any given day. While this can get tiresome and make you want to trim down on the volume of your meetings, one that is very important to the success of your team is the one-on-one meeting with each of your employees. One-on-one meetings with… View Article

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